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Tomorrow it Might Change


6/4/10 11:04 am - journal is for anime collection purposes now~

I'm using this as a selling journal naoz.
So yeah. Take a look around, thanks for stoppin by =)




3/28/09 04:01 pm - My Sailor Moon Collection (minus the bootleg DVD's >_>)

Not much but I love it all X3

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3/23/09 06:42 am - wishlist.

Cait's Wishlist

tsukina kawatte, oshokiyo! =^-^=Collapse )

11/15/08 06:27 pm - Feedback Page

Please leave your feedback here if you bought/I bought from you. At the top of your comment, please leave a "POSITIVE", "NEGATIVE", or a "NEUTRAL". Thank you very much =)
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1/5/07 09:13 am - Organization Post

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