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My Sailor Moon Collection (minus the bootleg DVD's >_>)

Not much but I love it all X3

Nakayoshi Bag. The first Nakayoshi item I wanted and purchased =O

PGSM Sailor Mars Doll - Got at Setsucon '09. She was a steal for $6 XD
Hotaru Gashapon - ALWAYS FALLS APART D<

R Prism Card Sticker - A gift from Zach for my Birthday <3
Sailor Moon S Hearts in Ice VHS - Christmas present from Zach
Sailor Jupiter Pin - Freebee from a Japanese seller
Re-edition (I think that's what it's called...) Sailor Moon Manga - Christmas present from Granparents

Nakayoshi Necklace & Ring - MOST PAIN IN THE ASS ITEM I HAVE DX I love it though XD
Nakayoshi Stickers & Bandaid - Just got them in the mail today from killmeneko :D

Nakayoshi Pencil Case/Pen/Calculator - Another of the first Nakayoshi items I wanted
Moart Nakayoshi stickers from killmeneko
And the beat up manga volume in the corner is another thing from Zach. He randomly gave it to me when I was over at his place and was cleaning out his closet o_0

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